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HFS-top 10 process intelligence products

Process intelligence has surged this year as enterprises realize the critical role operational understanding plays in driving success across key strategic business initiatives such as workflow automation, analytics, operational excellence, experience, and compliance.

● HFS sees the emerging category of process intelligence as a key change agent technology, bridging the divide of siloed data, analytics, AI, and automation initiatives targeted at improving business operations.
● The 2020 HFS Top 10 Process Intelligence Products report examines key vendors in this evolving market. HFS includes both process mining and discovery vendors into an umbrella term, “process intelligence”, focusing on the unifying outcome that these technologies provide to clients.
● We assessed and rated the capabilities of 14 products as viewed in practice across a defined series of innovation, execution, and voice of the customer criteria. This report highlights the overall ratings for the 14 product vendors and the top leaders for each sub-category.
● This report also includes detailed profiles of each vendor, outlining their overall and sub-category rankings, company facts, and detailed strengths and weaknesses.

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