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HFS-top 10 process intelligence products

Process intelligence has surged this year as enterprises realize the critical role operational understanding plays in driving success across key strategic business initiatives such as workflow automation, analytics, operational excellence, experience, and compliance.

Future proof your marketing technology

Today’s marketers face a highly dynamic situation. Businesses needs to evolve as customers interact in new ways through new channels, and technical possibilities can change overnight as new systems are introduced. Consider this: over the last few decades, the cutting edge in marketing technology moved from direct mail, to email and then to desktop websites. […]

The technologies of tomorrow for product development teams

The time of siloed product development is coming to an end. But digital transformation is not yet complete—only 32% of product development teams currently have access at any time to product data across the product lifecycle. However, organisations are exploring which technologies they’ll be using tomorrow.

Supply chain profitability: How to achieve high-quality service without sacrificing cost

Keeping costs down is a priority for any business, but cutting corners isn’t the answer. To ensure profitable service at every stage of the market cycle, shippers need to set a strategic action plan and transportation budget that accounts for fluctuations in carrier rates, fuel prices, and accessorial fees. This e-book provides practical steps businesses […]

Exploring the Relationship of Interest Rates to Value vs Growth Investment Strategies

After the economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, developed economies faced inflation rates reminiscent of the early 1980s. With the United States and the United Kingdom embarking on an unprecedented cycle of interest rate hikes to counter inflation, investors were left wondering about the potential impact on equity markets. Specifically, the question was whether […]

2022 CDP Market Guide

89% of brands now say they’ve either deployed a customer data platform (CDP) or plan to. But many companies are finding out the hard way that not all CDPs are created equal — 42%say their solution is delivering little or no value. In such a crowded and confusing market, enterprise brands must cut through the […]