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Guide to brand tracking research

quantilope’s Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

Brand tracking research allows organizations to continuously monitor their brand’s health in the marketplace relative to their competitors over time. Big trends and events have the ability to move whole categories. Established brands that don’t move with them can be left behind, while smaller brands catering to the needs of consumers can shift to the top.

quantilope’s Guide to Brand Tracking includes the following insights:
  1. What is brand tracking?
  2. Why is brand tracking important?
  3. What does an effective brand tracker look like?
  4. What other inputs should you be thinking about during the design?
  5. How does automation support brand tracking?
  6. Can you leverage advanced methods in brand tracking?
  7. How is quantilope’s tracking different from traditional brand tracking?
  8. What’s next?

Download the white paper now for your own step-by-step guide for how to design an effective brand tracker and how quantilope can help to automate your brand tracker and expedite your results.

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