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The 4 steps to a successful digital transformation

Going digital is a concept for marketers that has been in progress for years now. From email to the growing presence of ecommerce and mobile usage, the growth of digital channels has been steady—and in some cases exponential. The pandemic served as an accelerator of these digital principles, forcing brands to reconsider the way they […]

Guide to brand tracking research

quantilope’s Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

Experience makers on demand create the future.

Reimagine customer experiences. Experience Makers Asia may have finished up, but that doesn’t mean the inspiration and insights need to come to an end. Catch up on sessions with B2B experts or watch our keynote with Bozoma Saint John (Netflix) and hear from our panel with UNSW, Kotak Mahindra,KrisShop and Coles to understand the future […]

Accounts receivable in the age of artificial intelligence

Learn how AI helps today’s disrupted finance teams work smarter, not harder. Getting paid isn’t getting any easier. Finance teams are disrupted with faster, higher payment volumes, new payment channels, the rise of ACH payments, difficulties with cash forecasting, multiple ERP systems, and more. It’s clear today’s manual AR processes are not sustainable. In this […]

Accounting Automation Guide for Manufacturers

M&A For many manufacturers, years of M&A has led to fragmented systems, complex intercompany processes, and a lack of standardization across the close. Increased global competition, economic disruption, and evolving regulations lead to uncertainty, fluctuations in materials and transportation costs, and a workforce that must learn to work in a whole new way—whether on the […]

3 questions to set your active US SCG distribution strategy

To maximize your team’s selling efficiency, you need to know who your best buyers are and how to price your product. Ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure you’re pursuing the most profitable opportunities for your US SCG fund and providing the most attractive solution. Download 3 questions to set your active US SCG distribution […]

Use case guide: Transform digital operations

Transform Digital Operations with SPM. To ensure your organisation is stronger, better, and safer than the rest, business and strategy leaders must champion solutions that allow them to be adaptive to change and agile in the face of continuous disruption. The powerful Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution from ServiceNow helps leaders like you stay ahead […]

Accelerate Sales and Revenue with Dynamics 365

To accelerate sales and drive revenue, sales leaders must simplify life for their sales teams and equip them with AI-powered tools necessary to increase close rates, improve efficiency and boost collaboration. As consumer buying habits continue to shift, Dynamics 365 empowers sales leaders with a unified solution to understand and effectively engage customers, automate sales […]