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Enhancing Teams with enterprise-grade telephony

Today’s businesses depend on a robust communications experience to drive innovation, and phone calls are at the heart of that experience.

However, it’s not just about picking up the phone and dialing a number these days. Today’s workers and customers connect with each other using several different channels, including team messaging, video, emails, chats, and more.

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration application of choice for many businesses. It was a critical tool for making remote work a success when employees shifted to working from home.

While Teams provides many essentials for collaboration, one feature has left many organizations hungry for a better solution: telephony. The built-in telephony features in Teams often don’t meet the needs of modern-day enterprises. This causes them to explore alternatives.

Many organizations prioritize flexibility and options to deploy their UCaaS suite the way that best meets their unique business needs. In some cases, they may want to take a multi-vendor approach to their UCaaS stack. Or they may need to take a multi-vendor approach as they transition to a single-vendor UCaaS stack. Regardless, we provide our customers with the flexibility and options they need to be successful using whichever tools they choose.

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