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10 ways voice will disrupt the workplace in the next 5 years

The way businesses adapted to COVID-19 was nothing short of remarkable. Entire companies shifted from physical offices to digital workplaces overnight. They reinvented work cultures, implemented new tools, and saw their teams thrive in new, remote environments.

And amid all of the unprecedented changes, workflows evolved. For example, not only did the virus make us more aware of unhygienic surfaces, but the lockdowns, social isolation, and the endless barrage of messages ignited a renewed interest in a key element of future collaboration: human voices.

Whether using voice-assisted technologies or making a phone call to a colleague, voice tech will play an increasingly larger role in our lives—both personal and professional. In fact, 93% of companies believe the shift toward voice will accelerate in the near future.

Read this ebook to find out how voice will change how we live, work, and communicate, forever.

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