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SentinelOne Watchtower Report: Top Cyber Threats of 2023 and Predictions for 2024

Tune in to this exclusive webinar where SentinelOne’s Threat Hunting and Intelligence experts dive into the insights and findings from the 2023 SentinelOne WatchTower Report.

In this webinar the team discusses their findings, providing a comprehensive review of the top cyber attacks in 2023 and exclusive insights into the 2024 threat landscape. This webinar showcases original insights including:

  • The most active and sophisticated ransomware families and APT groups of the past year
  • Major vulnerabilities and cyber crime toolkits
  • Top threats across Windows, Mac, and Linux environments
  • The rise of state-sponsored attacks
  • Tips for security leaders to proactively detect and respond to advanced threats

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay one step ahead in 2024. Watch on-demand now and arm yourself with the latest cyber threat intelligence!

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