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NVIDIA and Cloudera release a blueprint for GPU-accelerated machine learning

Speed up your machine learning workflows with GPU acceleration on the enterprise data cloud

This new whitepaper offers expert insights on how to deploy machine learning at scale by executing analytics workloads on NVIDIA GPUs through Cloudera Data Platform.

Using a typical machine learning use case—understanding customer churn—this blueprint shows an end-to-end solution geared for superior performance and business impact.

This paper will cover:

  • An overview of ML application architecture
  • How to synthesize data at scale
  • How data federation works
  • Reporting and exploratory analytics
  • Best practices for accelerated analytics
  • Interoperability considerations
  • How to scale up and out across data science workflows
  • How to use ML to make an impact on your business

With a perspective that focuses on enterprise levels of performance, this blueprint illuminates ways to solve the many challenges of running ML at scale.

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