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Harness the power of AI to drive stronger sales results

Learn how high-performing sales teams are leveraging AI insights and how you can too. Aviso’s AI-powered platform generates predictions and insights that serve as unbiased data points, and drive better results than relying on human judgement alone. This competitive differentiation provides the sales organization with a series of powerful, unique forecasts and insights that serve […]

B2B revenue acceleration tactics for technology marketing leaders

If you are a marketer in the B2B Technology world, this e-book is for you! We invited B2B Marketing Executives and thought leaders to come onto our B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast show to widen the perspective of our audience. This e-book is a selection of the best content generated from the 10 most listened to […]

How shippers can leverage intermodal to reach emissions targets

Shippers are facing immense pressure to reduce their carbon footprints. While electric and autonomous trucks offer eco-friendly options, wide-scale use of these solutions is years away for most. However, an environmentally-conscious alternative is available today: rail intermodal. A survey conducted by FreightWaves and Uber Freight finds that two-thirds of shippers report using rail as an […]

NVIDIA and Cloudera release a blueprint for GPU-accelerated machine learning

Speed up your machine learning workflows with GPU acceleration on the enterprise data cloud This new whitepaper offers expert insights on how to deploy machine learning at scale by executing analytics workloads on NVIDIA GPUs through Cloudera Data Platform. Using a typical machine learning use case—understanding customer churn—this blueprint shows an end-to-end solution geared for […]

Red hat product security risk report

The 2020 and 10th edition of the Red Hat ® Product Security risk report is an overview of security vulnerabilities that impacted Red Hat products for the 2020 calendar year. In this report, security vulnerabilities publicly announced throughout the last calendar year and the data and metrics produced for these vulnerabilities across all of our portfolios are reviewed.

Cove Data Protection Modernises Disaster Recovery as a Service with New Standby Image Feature

N-able, Inc., the solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, data protection as-a-service, and remote monitoring and management services, announced it has added a Standby Image feature as part of the company’s recently launched Cove Data Protection™ solution. By making it simple to create, manage, and report on virtual server images in the partner’s […]