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How to design a sponsorship strategy that maximizes event revenue

Learn how event technology is your secret weapon in creating killer sponsorship packages.

As an event professional, generating dependable and sustainable revenue is critical to measuring the success of your events. Research shows that three out of four planners think having a strong sponsorship strategy is the solution to this dilemma. Unfortunately, it’s a real struggle to create sponsorship packages that meet sponsors’ evolving needs and expectations.

In this ultimate guide we’ll show you how to design a sponsorship strategy that maximizes your event revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • The key elements that make up a strong and attractive sponsorship program
  • Creative ideas on how to integrate event technology into your sponsorship strategy
  • Examples of companies who have used event technology to achieve year-over-year success at their events
  • Best practices on how to price your sponsorship packages for maximum revenue
  • Metrics to include in your sponsor’s post-event recap report that will prove the ROI of their sponsorship

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