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Exit CRM. enter CXM. why customer experience is the key for business success?

We live in an era where acronyms are a sign of expertise or the next big tectonic change in technology. From a marketing perspective CRM was an acronym that resonated for almost 2 decades. But times they are a changing. Today marketers are in a mad race to give their customers a superlative ‘experience’ not just manage the ‘relationship’. Enter CXM. Exit CRM. Marketing can no longer operate in silos. CX driven marketing requires behavioural data (social, web, media), CRM, After-Sales, Finance.

A great customer experience or a moment is much better than a 100 bonus points. The best and the most successful programs have embedded customer experience/recognition in their DNA than the unsuccessful ones. The Jet Privileges program stands out because of the entire ecosystem and partnerships that were built outside of the flying experience. One can even book a flight on Indigo with Jet privilege points! MarTech players have been the first to pick up this trend and they have kind of become the pall bearers of Customer Experience Management (CXM). This in a way does not speak
well for the immense marketing talent available globally and in India. A great customer experience cannot only be ‘enabled’ using MarTech tools.

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