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The ultimate guide to DXP

Confronted with economic uncertainty and unexpected changes to basic business practices, brands across the board have had to rethink two key activities: customer retention and customer acquisition. Those concepts are hardly new. What is new is how we contextualize them in today’s marketplace. The pandemic has radically accelerated customers’ move to digital, a move that […]

The 4 steps to a successful digital transformation

Going digital is a concept for marketers that has been in progress for years now. From email to the growing presence of ecommerce and mobile usage, the growth of digital channels has been steady—and in some cases exponential. The pandemic served as an accelerator of these digital principles, forcing brands to reconsider the way they […]

CRM + analytics: key requirements for your next CRM system

The Salesforce acquisition of BI software leader, Tableau is the biggest in a series of “analytics” related buyouts and mergers. We analyze the primary benefits of CRM + analytics and give you the top requirements to consider for your next CRM system. This report gives you: Get this report today to help you select the […]