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The ultimate guide to DXP

Confronted with economic uncertainty and unexpected changes to basic business practices, brands across the board have had to rethink two key activities: customer retention and customer acquisition. Those concepts are hardly new. What is new is how we contextualize them in today’s marketplace. The pandemic has radically accelerated customers’ move to digital, a move that […]

The 4 steps to a successful digital transformation

Going digital is a concept for marketers that has been in progress for years now. From email to the growing presence of ecommerce and mobile usage, the growth of digital channels has been steady—and in some cases exponential. The pandemic served as an accelerator of these digital principles, forcing brands to reconsider the way they […]

Case study: rethinking digital transformation

JMP is building a resilient supply chain by extending technology benefits to suppliers James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. (JMP), an employee-owned manufacturing and distribution business based in Greensboro, North Carolina, had experienced steady success over the years. The company saw significant potential for organic growth. To realize that goal, the leadership team at JMP understood […]

Creating a better on-demand strategy for your webinars

What makes for an effective webinar program and how can your webinar program be planned to deliver significant revenue? In today’s digital-buying world,a strong on-demand webinar strategy should be the top priority for every B2B organization ON24 shares some proven best practices and steps in this guide. Download Whitepaper

Cultivating customer loyalty

From 1890, the year attributed to the quote above, the world view has undergone massive shifts in all spheres of life. Interestingly, the view regarding customer being the ‘purpose of work’, has only become more widespread.

4-tips to improve linked in advertising campaigns

Few channels are more effective than LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.Advertising in LinkedIn allows for incredibly precise audience targeting and segmentation based on location, job title, job function, level of seniority, company name, company size, industry, education (degrees), skills / interests, first party data list (“customer match”, lookalike audiences, and website visits (remarketing).With all these available […]

Guide to brand tracking research

quantilope’s Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

HFS-top 10 process intelligence products

Process intelligence has surged this year as enterprises realize the critical role operational understanding plays in driving success across key strategic business initiatives such as workflow automation, analytics, operational excellence, experience, and compliance.

Cost of a bad lead 2020 guide

Over the past few years, demand marketers have been inundated with advice on the quality over quantity debate, particularly when it comes to lead generation.So why do expensive and time-intensive demand programs and campaigns still deliver bad leads that miss the mark? Unfortunately, many marketers and senior leaders are still unaware of the hidden costs […]