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Why your supply chain is brittle: an eye-opening white paper for consumer brands

As the world continues to shift and market demands continue to fluctuate at
unprecedented rates, it’s becoming critical for your supply chain network to stay ahead of the curve. In a volatile consumer market, competition for brand recognition and product uptake is fiercer than ever. Long gone are the days of predictable consumer demand and single-channel retail.

The success of your brand will depend on how quickly you can pivot to both meet the needs of the new buyer and respond to global disruptions. Many CPG supply chain networks, however, are built upon rigid infrastructures, whose inflexibility renders them vulnerable to external forces. The brittleness of these supply chains expose them to avoidable risk and business costs.

Is Your Supply Chain Built From Brick or Wood?

In the event of an earthquake, would you choose your house to be built on a foundation of brick or wood? Many would choose brick, as it is perceived to be stronger and safer material. The reality, however, is that the seismic shocks caused by an earthquake will disproportionately damage brick foundations, as the weight and rigidity of brick is ineffective at absorbing those shocks.

Wood foundations, on the other hand, are lightweight, flexible, and connective. You may be surprised to know that wood foundations will absorb those same shocks with greater success, because it is far more likely for wood to bend, but not break.

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