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Cost of a bad lead 2020 guide

Over the past few years, demand marketers have been inundated with advice on the quality over quantity debate, particularly when it comes to lead generation.So why do expensive and time-intensive demand programs and campaigns still deliver bad leads that miss the mark? Unfortunately, many marketers and senior leaders are still unaware of the hidden costs […]

Hold on to what you earn: 8 tips to better manage your revenue cycle

Efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) is the linchpin for financial success. But for medical practices, the revenue cycle journey is fraught with risks. Manual RCM workflows consume valuable time and carry a high likelihood of error—and errors are likely to result in denied claims and unpaid balances. Without automation of billing processes and deep specialty-specific […]

Trust-Based and Data-Driven Grantmaking: How to Find the Right Balance

As grantmakers shape their strategies and priorities, many are looking for ways to leverage data and build collaborative relationships with grantees. But too often, this is framed as an “either or” choice: either they can follow the data or center the community. These are not mutually exclusive frameworks. Grantmakers don’t have to choose between a […]

Breaking Digital Barriers

Hear on-demand, how organisations are setting themselves up for digital success and why the human factor is still as important as ever. These episodes, under 10 minutes each, will bring the various thought leadership and a better understanding of the latest trends in the industry. Join our in-depth discussion to hear how organisations are setting […]

Optimizing Your Cloud Migration

Cloud transformations are becoming more business value driven In today’s world, to enable key business initiatives, cloud adoption plays a central and leading role in ensuring enterprise continuity. Enterprises are dependent on IT’s ability to deliver technology and solutions that provide differentiation in the market. The public cloud service market continues to grow as observed […]

What is Revenue Marketing? The key to earning a seat at the revenue table.

What is Revenue Marketing? The key to earning a seat… If you’re looking to transform your marketing team from being regarded as the “make it pretty”… THE FIVE STAGES OF REVENUE MARKETING™… Transforming from traditional to Revenue Marketing™ is a race, and every marketer will encounter… How Does Your Tech Stack… Stack Up? Your tech […]

From Outdated to Outstanding: The Future of Customer Communications

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, customer communication has evolved into a multifaceted challenge. Business leaders are now confronted with a dynamic landscape characterized by sophisticated communication technologies and ever-rising customer expectations sprawling into an intricate ecosystem with numerous stakeholders, siloed technologies, and conflicting business objectives. This ebook explores the evolving challenge of customer communication in […]