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Making the Case for Leveraging the Power of a 4PL

By providing a high level of logistics services, expertise and technological prowess, fourth-party logistics providers (4PLs) allow companies to focus on what matters most instead of dealing with supply chain management complexities. Download Making the Case for Leveraging the Power of a 4PL Whitepaper

Agile Procurement eBook

After more than two years of freight industry volatility, shippers are finally seeing signs of stability. Freight rates are decreasing, capacity is expanding, and shipping demand is tapering off. While there is still some disruption, sparked by factors like driver shortages and fluctuating supply levels influenced by inflation, the new normal for shippers is no […]

10 Steps to a solution: How to leverage the power of a 4PL

After a few years of disruption and uncertainty, logistics and supply chain managers are rethinking their approaches and reimagining their supply chain operations. From labor constraints to growing e-commerce order volumes to ongoing supply disruptions, vulnerability has become the status quo in the current freight market. Download this new 10 Steps Guide to learn how […]

10 Tips to improve your warehouse receiving process

Warehouse receiving operations are a critical part in maintaining the integrity of inventory systems and ensuring the availability of products for customers. Without an effective receiving system, items fall through the cracks, are not counted, are not adequately inspected, and fail to provide evidence of problems with vendors that affect profitability. Download the checklist to […]

The 2023 guide to transportation management

The 2023 guide to transportation management Key insights for supply chain leaders What does successful transportation management look like in 2023? This interactive guide explores the dynamic, proactive elements that are top of mind for shippers, including: Read the e-book to learn how to navigate these factors effectively and evolve your transportation management strategy for […]

Nearshoring to Mexico is booming:
What shippers need to know

Nearshoring to Mexico is gaining traction among shippers at a rapid rate. To keep up with the demand, Mexico will open 25 new industrial parks by the end of 2023, spurred by the $35 billion in total foreign direct investment from 2022. On top of that, 88% of US-based small and medium-sized businesses are reshuffling […]

3 tips for shippers to secure capacity in any market conditions

Whether it’s meeting urgent needs in the spot market or streamlining your supply chain over the long term, capacity is among the top priorities to ensure operational efficiency for shippers. Securing access to capacity, no matter the state of the market, helps shippers move loads reliably and keeps their business operations cost-effective. This one-pager outlines […]

How shippers can leverage intermodal to reach emissions targets

Shippers are facing immense pressure to reduce their carbon footprints. While electric and autonomous trucks offer eco-friendly options, wide-scale use of these solutions is years away for most. However, an environmentally-conscious alternative is available today: rail intermodal. A survey conducted by FreightWaves and Uber Freight finds that two-thirds of shippers report using rail as an […]

5 key actions to take before outsourcing warehouse operations

Warehouse management is a key pillar of successful supply chain operations. And many shippers outsource warehouse processes to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to address workflow issues and enhance analytics strategies that drive business decisions. But entering a partnership without having a deep understanding of existing processes—and a specific improvement plan—could create more warehouse challenges. This […]

Supply chain profitability: How to achieve high-quality service without sacrificing cost

Keeping costs down is a priority for any business, but cutting corners isn’t the answer. To ensure profitable service at every stage of the market cycle, shippers need to set a strategic action plan and transportation budget that accounts for fluctuations in carrier rates, fuel prices, and accessorial fees. This e-book provides practical steps businesses […]