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Launch And Scale Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

When you’re focused on growing your business, an impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is an essential component in not only building trust in your brand, but for improving employee engagement and strengthening relationships with both clients and customers. As you’re building or scaling your program, you’ll want to tap into existing and emerging trends […]

7 Best Practices for Creating an Impactful CSR Strategy

Once upon a time, businesses could focus on profitability above all else. Not any more: modern companies are expected to care about making the world better. They’re expected to serve their communities, listen to their customers, take public stances (and action) on important issues, value and support employees, work for sustainability, and respond to current […]

Trust-Based and Data-Driven Grantmaking: How to Find the Right Balance

As grantmakers shape their strategies and priorities, many are looking for ways to leverage data and build collaborative relationships with grantees. But too often, this is framed as an “either or” choice: either they can follow the data or center the community. These are not mutually exclusive frameworks. Grantmakers don’t have to choose between a […]

A NEW ERA OF GOVERNMENT GRANTMAKING: Time for a cultural and digital transformation

Prepare for a new path in government grantmaking Learn how embracing digital transformation and cloud-based technology can help your team tackle the biggest challenges facing government grantmaking programs. Get guidance to help you choose the right technology and advice on how to make the transition achievable sooner than you might think. Download A NEW ERA […]

Writing an Effective RFP for Grant Management Software

Government grantmakers need a great GMS For government and public sector teams, selecting the right grant management software starts with a great RFP. This guide gives you all the dos, don’ts, and maybes you need to consider in order to create an RFP that gets results. Download Writing an Effective RFP for Grant Management Software […]