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Turn modern customer expectations into reality with phenomenal CX

These days, consumers aren’t easily impressed. Equip your organization with the tools you need to maintain the demands and expectations of the modern customer and deliver outstanding CX. Read the report to delve deeper into these key CX-enhancing tactics: Encourage long-term loyalty with a modern CX framework Download Turn modern customer expectations into reality with […]


Enlighten the customer journey with artificial intelligence and analytics Great customer experiences are built on great customer journeys but in an omnichannel world, journeys can easily lead to wrong turns. Today, CX practitioners know the secret to creating a positive customer experience lies in the vast amounts of complex data their omnichannel contact centers generate. […]

Strengthening Digital with Voice

Effortlessly Resolve Customer Needs at Pace and Scale With the Power of AI A company’s ability to handle customer requests via voice is critical in orchestrating seamless customer experiences. Today, voice channels are infused with AI to meet the consumers’ demand for effortless resolution. Enlighten AI harnesses conversational data to recognize customer intent and sentiment […]

Hope is Not a Strategy

”Hope” is a poor planning method when it comes to scheduling, because it disregards the modern work environment that requires employees to engage among multiple work streams. Some WFM solutions attempt to eliminate the “hope method” by relying on historical data as a predictor of skills usage, but this method frequently falls short because it […]

Digital Channels in the Contact Center: A Paradigm
Shift for Performance and Quality

Contact centers are equipping themselves with personnel to handle the digital transformation. While traditional customer service agents might have worked on voice-only, today 54% of managers said that most of their agents are scheduled to handle both digital and voice channels. Many contact centers are equipped to handle digital, but it’s important to consider which […]

Recession ahead: How Contact Centers can do more with less

The degree to which contact centers will be impacted by looming recessionary pressures and ongoing labor shortages is yet to be fully known. However, it’s safe to predict that contact center leaders will be forced to do more with less—less financial flexibility, less talent, and less room for error. By harnessing an automated, AI-driven WFM […]

The future of CC Workforce programs: Empower Your
Talent to Drive Better Business Results

Forward-thinking contact center leaders recognize that agents play a far more crucial role than simply addressing customer demand—agents directly impact the quality and consistency of customer experiences. Contact centers with superior CX invest in training and educating their agents as well as building a positive work environment for high employee morale and productivity. Talent empowerment […]

Enterprise knowledge management in the age of the AI revolution

Enterprise knowledge … AI-powered knowledge management is poised to transform the digital customer service space. The New Digital Landscape Your customers have already moved beyond First Generation digital (Email, Chat) on to Next Generation… Exciting opportunities are… More companies than ever before are hiring CX outsourcers like you to increase performance and reduce… AI-powered knowledge […]

Drive revenue by turning feedback into actional strategies

With an integrated VOC program, you can understand why calls are made, how calls are handled, and how the collective experience makes customers feel. Combined, this information provides valuable insights that can help you maintain what is already effective and find areas where you can enhance the experience. This eBook will show you how. Deliver […]