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Mist and juniper deliver a full-access solution built on artificial intelligence

Automated solution for seamless wired and wireless networks powered by network insights and machine learning A paradox exists in the business world: while IT’s strategic importance is growing, budgets are shrinking, challenging companies to do more with less. As a result, IT organizations are seeking solutions that allow them to move from reactive to proactive, […]

The Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation

Personalized, relevant and impactful customer experiences are built on audience segmentation. But the customer data that powers segmentation is often fragmented, unreliable or, worst of all,unavailable. To avoid wasted advertising spend, missed engagement opportunities and preventablecustomer churn, enterprise brands must build speed, agility and granularity into theirsegmentation strategies. Download ActionIQ’s Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation […]

Factor Performance Analysis

During the third quarter of 2023, global equity markets lost the momentum that had propelled markets earlier in the year as it grappled with substantial challenges including rising geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and Israel as well as continued inflationary pressures on the global economy. The MSCI ACWI, while still showing a year-to-date gain of over […]

Focus on service quality above all else retail

The pandemic may have rewritten the rulebook on retail, but in doing so, it created lucrative opportunities for retailers to grow their business and their bottom line. Customers want personalized service that’s available around the clock and streamlined service no matter what channel they use. It’s a hefty payo—more and more customers actually let customer […]

Tap into the $512 billion CX outsourcing market with this handy guide

The CX outsourcing market size is growing rapidly but competing is getting more challenging every day. Customer journeys are increasingly complex and client expectations are at an all-time high. Exceeding those expectations means maximizing your agility and delivering measurable value – every time. Are you ready? This guide can help. Key insights show you how […]