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4-tips to improve linked in advertising campaigns

Few channels are more effective than LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.Advertising in LinkedIn allows for incredibly precise audience targeting and segmentation based on location, job title, job function, level of seniority, company name, company size, industry, education (degrees), skills / interests, first party data list (“customer match”, lookalike audiences, and website visits (remarketing).With all these available […]

Reinventing the digital commerce experience

With the decrease in in-person experiences, brands have had to shift to online commerce and focus on building and deepening relationships with customers. The key to this is creating engaging digital commerce experiences that are convenient and personalized, which requires brands to understand their customers. This calls for a robust, sustainable and secure first-party data […]

Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve data quality in the financial services industry – Tom Haslam, managing director, KPMG, digital lighthouse services and brian radakovic

KPMG Applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Data Quality in the Financial Services Industry Given the explosion of data generated by the increasingly complex infrastructures of today’s financial institutions, industry leaders are struggling to avoid drowning in information flowing in from legacy systems, cloud environments, mobile apps and the myriad technologies that underpin […]


THE FIVE STAGES OF REVENUE MARKETING™… Transforming from traditional to Revenue Marketing™ is a race, and every marketer will encounter… How Does Your Tech Stack… Stack Up? Your tech stack can make or break marketing revenue, but the only way to know which side of the fence… What is Revenue Marketing? The key to earning […]

The marketing executive’s guide to leading business transformation

Customer expectations rise, competition grows, and channels multiply The only way for companies to overcome these challenges is through genuine business transformation. This guide digs into four key disciplines marketers should focus on to jump-start business transformation in their companies. It also features survey results from teams that are leveraging collaborative work management to rise […]