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Case study: rethinking digital transformation

JMP is building a resilient supply chain by extending technology benefits to suppliers James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. (JMP), an employee-owned manufacturing and distribution business based in Greensboro, North Carolina, had experienced steady success over the years. The company saw significant potential for organic growth. To realize that goal, the leadership team at JMP understood […]

Creating a better on-demand strategy for your webinars

What makes for an effective webinar program and how can your webinar program be planned to deliver significant revenue? In today’s digital-buying world,a strong on-demand webinar strategy should be the top priority for every B2B organization ON24 shares some proven best practices and steps in this guide. Download Whitepaper

Access getcard case study:achieving rapid growth while boosting customer satisfaction

How GetCard used Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 and SR650 servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and LenovoThinkSystem DE6000H storage to scale its data center, improve performance, and increase availability to provide even better customer service. Founded in 2010, GetCard provides payment gateway services, acting as an intermediary between businesses that take card payments from their […]

7 Best Practices for Creating an Impactful CSR Strategy

Once upon a time, businesses could focus on profitability above all else. Not any more: modern companies are expected to care about making the world better. They’re expected to serve their communities, listen to their customers, take public stances (and action) on important issues, value and support employees, work for sustainability, and respond to current […]

Webinar: Applying XDR to broadband critical networks’ cybersecurity – CCW 23

The security posture of critical communication networks, which are undergoing a relevant change moving from narrowband to broadband, keeps constantly changing. 4G and then 5G network architectures introduce fundamental new challenges for security. 4G “all IP” networks and 5G more “flexible” architectures with slicing and core network exposure capabilities together with a wider eco-system of […]

How Does Your Tech Stack… Stack Up?

Your tech stack can make or break marketing revenue, but the only way to know which side of the fence you’re on is to ask the right questions to give you actionable insights on when and where to tweak. Here’s our top seven questions to help you audit your tech stack. Download How Does Your […]

5 key actions to take before outsourcing warehouse operations

Warehouse management is a key pillar of successful supply chain operations. And many shippers outsource warehouse processes to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to address workflow issues and enhance analytics strategies that drive business decisions. But entering a partnership without having a deep understanding of existing processes—and a specific improvement plan—could create more warehouse challenges. This […]

Content marketing: 11 steps to engage, entertain, and inform

Learn step by step how to keep your audience engaged, entertained, and informed with your content. Great content isn’t just about producing a well written piece. It’s about addressing your audience’s relevant pain points and showing that you understand their needs. Don’t be shy to freely give away advice and information—great content always comes from […]

SPI Report: 2022 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

Consulting demand is at an all-time high as businesses look to incorporate new technologies and address workforce needs. In this report, learn how your firm compares to industry peers in terms of billable utilization, profit, and more. Download SPI Report: 2022 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Whitepaper