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Digital-first brand experiences require a digital-first DAM

Potential customers who interact with your brand online are heavily influenced by your digital content before they even set foot in the store. With no in-person contact, a relationship with your brand has taken root in cyberspace. However, your online presence has only seconds to connect, engage, persuade, and convert. Cloudinary’s latest eBook, Digital-First Brand […]

8 must-have workflows for every marketing team

Creating a seamless experience requires always having a next step—the right next step—for your customers as they engage with your brand. Designing workflow campaigns allows your marketing team to automate this process, taking them out of the nitty-gritty and giving them time to focus on the overall strategy. Ready to see how it’s done? In […]

IBM cloud pak for watson AIOps benefits calculator

Rapidly assess your maturity level with AIOps and translate the potential benefits. Calculate potential gains. Estimate how intelligent automation from IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps can boost your organization’s bottom line. Reduce event noise, and quickly diagnose and resolve incidents before they turn into outages. Configure and calculate savings.

Launch And Scale Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

When you’re focused on growing your business, an impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is an essential component in not only building trust in your brand, but for improving employee engagement and strengthening relationships with both clients and customers. As you’re building or scaling your program, you’ll want to tap into existing and emerging trends […]